Monday, January 4, 2016

300 Products!

It’s official ... I now have over 300 products on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.  Whew! Definitely a labor of love.

This library of products includes 84 distinct titles  of Animated Step-by-Steps™ available in three versions: Regular (no symbols), SymbolStix and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS).  There is one How To Make It Resource, Constructing and Eye-Point Frame, and the remainder of listings are Animated Step-by-Steps™ Bundles that typically offer 4 titles for the price of 3!

In the Bloom … Where You’re Planted Store it can be a bit overwhelming sifting through 300 products, so please know that they have been assigned to categories (on the far left) to provide more efficient viewing. 

The Regular files are categorized according to Recipes, Crafts, Science Projects, Games, Poems/Songs and Stories.  If you are looking for a Craft you can quickly establish what’s available by selecting Crafts. Then enter its name in the search box.

If you are looking for symbol-supported files (SymbolStix or PCS), select the Symbol set of your choice to view all the listings that are symbol supported.

In a perfect world … you would be able to assign more than one category to a file to expedite viewing. For example many of the poems are actually science based poems so I’ve coded the regular version as a Science Project but have coded the symbol-supported versions according to Symbol type.

In short …. use the category feature on the left to narrow down what’s available then use the search box to ‘whistle up’ a specific title. 

Happy browsing! Looking forward to an equally productive 2016!

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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