Monday, January 18, 2016

Imported into Keynote … Yikes! Where’s the Sounds?

The Animated Step-by-Steps™ are Microsoft PowerPoint files.

They are cross-platform, meaning they will work with both Windows-based and Mac-based PowerPoint applications. There are some subtle differences in how things look within each program …. but functionally … they are equivalent.

In addition,  I’ve created the Animated Step-by-Steps™on a Mac using PowerPoint version 14.5.9, but have saved the files as PowerPoint Show files 1997-2004. This ensures that the file will be readable by earlier versions of PowerPoint. Again there may be some subtle differences if you are using a much earlier version of PowerPoint, but the Animated Step-by-Steps™ should continue to be ‘functional files’.

When I create the Animated Step-by-Steps™,  I typically use .wav sound files rather than .aif files (the latter is native to the Mac platform). Although .wav is a format not typically associated with the Mac platform, the Mac version of PowerPoint is designed to accommodate .wav files to promote cross platform exchange. 

Initially, I had hoped that the Animated Step-by-Step™ PowerPoint files would be an ‘easy import’ into Keynote, the Mac-based equivalent of PowerPoint.

I was genuinely disappointed when this was not the case. Not all the animations import (drats!!!) … and …  .wav files do not play in Keynote (double drats!!!).   I did experiment with using .mp3 files (which are reportedly cross platform) but it is my understanding that MP3 will not ‘embed’ within the PowerPoint program making file transfer more problematic; they must be linked to an outside folder. 

Soooo Mac Users …. you have three options for viewing your Animated Step-by-Steps™:

1.     purchase a current version of Microsoft PowerPoint
2.     download an earlier Mac version of PowerPoint for free from the web.
3.     download the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer which allows you to view but not edit the Animated Step-by-Steps™. This third option might just be the simplest option.

Don’t forget … the Animated Step-by-Steps™ also display beautifully on iPads using the free Microsoft PowerPoint app

Although I have not tried it myself, there is a free Microsoft PowerPoint app for use with Android tablets!  If you try this option, please let me know how it works with your Animated Step-by-Steps™.

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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