Monday, February 20, 2017

Hard Copy Revisited … the Simplest Solution

If you 'hang in there' long enough,  I will eventually come up with the best solution.

Thank you for your patience.

Several colleagues have inquired about how to make hard copy of an ASbyS for their students. 

In the past, I’ve offered several strategies for converting a non-editable PowerPoint show file (.pps or .pptxs) into an editable PowerPoint Presentation file (.ppt or .pptx). All strategies hinged on rewriting the tag .pps to .ppt. I've even supplied information on how to make the tags visible in both Mac and Windows. 

Who knew there was an even simpler strategy derived from a book by David Marcovitz, Powerful PowerPoint for Educators? With this new strategy you simply open the PowerPoint application first, then open your PowerPoint show file from within PowerPoint. 

Here are the easy steps.

1    1.  Open your PowerPoint application.

      2. Under File select Open

3. Navigate to the .pps title that you wish to open & edit, e.g., Apple Tree Reg.pps

Surprise!  The file opens in a format that can be edited and printed!

You can also save the document as a .pdf if you plan to store the pdf for future use. 

There may still be a few pages that don't look right due to 'stacked animations'. You can always advance the animations for that page to the point of a 'good visual' then use shift-command-4 on the Mac to take a screenshot. The screen shot can then substituted for the 'problem page'. 

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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