Thursday, May 11, 2017

500 Products!

I’ve finally reached the milestone of 500 products in the Bloom Where You are Planted Store on the Teachers Pay Teachers Site. Whew!

As the number of products increase, it has become more challenging to track down a particular title, so I would like to remind you of three options at your disposal.
  1. Search store:  If you know the name of the ASbyS resource this is the easiest way to track down a title 
  2. Custom Categories: This option is great if you are looking for a specific category such as a Recipes or resources that use SymbolStix or Bundled options that provide a substantial savings. 
  3. Sort by: This option is helpful if you are interested in looking at Best Seller or Most Recent options.

Animated Step-by-Steps are animated PowerPoints designed to address literacy, language, AAC and a host of academic goals. Each page includes a series of animations. Read the text up to the star … click … and see an animation of what you just read. 

Hope you can spare a few minutes to check out these engaging resources. 

Use the button in the upper right to navigate to the TpT store. 

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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