Monday, April 13, 2015

Just a Sprinkle of Pretend Play

Elevate the ‘fun factor’ by adding a pretend play component when using your Animated Step-by-Steps on the interactive whiteboard.  Rather than doing a predictable (and might I add, boring)  …. read … press the remote switch…. read …. press the switch … read … press the switch routine, add comments that suggest that you are actually calling on a specific child to perform the suggested task.  Give students that feeling that they alone have been chosen to perform the next step whether it be pouring the water, adding the cut banana, bending the butterfly’s pipe cleaner antennae or putting the bowl of butter into the microwave.

Here are just a few examples to illustrate what this shift in focus sounds like.

In Instant Pudding:

Read: … Ready, set, pour.

 Pretend Play Comment : "Let’s see … I’m going to need someone who can be VERY CAREFUL pouring … Joey, do you think you can pour this milk without spilling a single drop? Everybody … watch carefully."

(after animation) … "Not a drop!"

In Banana Berry Yogurt Shake:

Read: Ready, set, peel!    

Pretend Play Comment: "Let’s see how fast Indira can peel this banana for us. Ready, Indira?"

(after animation) … "Whew, she was fast!"
"Now we have to do something with that banana peel"

In Instant Oatmeal:

Read: Microwave on high for two minutes!    

Pretend Play Comment: "Marium could you please set our microwave time for 2 minutes then press start. Remember you have to put in 2…0…0 for two minutes."

(after animation) … "Well done, Marium!"

In Cranberry Sauce:

Read: Use the knife ….

Pretend Play Comment :  "Antonio,  could you please find us a knife.  No not a sharp one.  A plastic one would be good."

(after animation) ... "Thank you, Antonio. This will be perfect for cutting."

Yes it may seem like a subtle change in delivery …. but it is a small shift in focus that seems to make a seismic change in engagement!  

…’til the next post …

© 2015  Carol Goossens’, Ph.D.