Monday, April 20, 2015

Linking to a Storage Provider When Using the Microsoft PowerPoint App

In a previous post I had mentioned that the easiest way to get Animated Step-by-Steps into your Microsoft PowerPoint App is to use a storage provider such as DropBox. Although I typically use my Dropbox account for this purpose, other options such as iCloud and Google Drive are equally viable.  

After downloading your Animated Step-by-Step files,  place them in your preferred storage option (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud). Open up the Microsoft PowerPoint app. You must now link the App to the storage provider where your Animated Step-by-Steps reside.

Here is the sequence of steps needed to establish a link to a storage option:

Select the ... More option in the second
column from the left.

This automatically defaults the location to your iCloud account. If you wish to link to a different storage account (such as Google Drive or Dropbox), select Locations in the upper left corner.

A dropdown menu will appear. Select More ... if you want an option other than iCloud.

Select from the storage options displayed. Then select Done.

Once you have linked to your preferred storage option, you will be using the Open button (bottom of the far left column) to import files into the Microsoft PowerPoint app.  As illustrated, I have several Animated Step-by-Step files in my DropBox. When I select Open I am able to view and select from the files that reside in my Dropbox. Sometimes when I’m importing a file, I will get  a ‘file too big’ error message. I’m not sure why this occurs but when I try a second time it routinely works. Whew!

Although you need an internet connection to import files into the app, you do not need an internet connection to use files you’ve already imported. Use the Recent button to load 
previously imported files.  

Given the average size of the Animated Step-by-Step files (about 25 MB) you should be able to import 7 or 8 files before you exceed the 200 MB limit for the app. If this occurs you must remove some recent files that you no longer need to make room for new files.  To do this select the little open box + arrow icon. A drop down menu will appear giving you the option of selecting Remove from Recent. Poof, it disappears making room to import a new file using the Open button (bottom far left column).

A final note … when using the free version of the Microsoft PowerPoint app you can 'read' but not edit files. Hopefully, this will not be a problem as the Animated Step-by-Step files are read only files.

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