Monday, November 2, 2015

75 Animated Step-by-Steps!

I’ve reached a milestone! Whew! At this point I have 75 different titles in three different formats: regular (no symbol support), SymbolStix supported, and Picture Communication Symbol (PCS) supported. I just recently sold the entire bundled library of PCS-supported files to the Henry Viscardi School in Albertson, New York.

A 'hard sell' was not necessary ... I was 'preaching to the choir'. The Henry Viscardi School (HVS) is the school where I first began using the animation features of PowerPoint to create differentiated materials for their students with physical challenges. This format eventually evolved into what is now known as Animated Step-by-Steps™.  I think of the Henry Viscardi School as my alma mater … it is the place where I learned a tremendous amount of new clinical information. Thank you HVS staff and students!  When the school approached me about purchasing an updated library of PCS supported files, I was understandably pleased that their students would be benefiting from the new improved and greatly expanded titles.

Yes, a 'hard sell' was not necessary with HVS, as the staff of this particular school already had a deep understanding and appreciation of the ‘engaging value’ of Animated Step-by-Steps™. Their early childhood classrooms had been using a beta version of the general concept for many years! I was also more than willing to supply them with thumbnail pictures of the 75 titles so they could post the new files in their network version of Classroom Suite (see previous post 06-29-15 Briefcase Concept for Organizing Your Animated Step-by-Steps™). Once posted, every member of the interdisciplinary team at HVS will be able to access the files to preview an upcoming group lesson or quickly access the file for switch training during an individual therapy session. Using the school's dropbox or google drive account staff will also be able to download the files on to their iPads for use in the therapy room or use at a classroom activity center. 

The purchase of a bundled library is a great way to achieve deep savings! If your agency or school is interested in purchasing the bundled library of 75, symbol-supported Animated Step-by-Steps™ (choose the symbol set), please contact me at

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