Monday, December 14, 2015

iPad Pro!

Apple has recently added the larger iPad Pro, to their roster of ipad devices. I’m excited about this addition because the larger screen is great for using the Animated Step-by-Steps™ with small groups of students.  If you don’t have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, the iPad Pro might be a feasible alternative allowing you to pace small groups of students through an activity set up in a station format.  As each ASbyS is supported with text, animations, sound effects, and symbols (depending upon the version), meaningful differentiated instruction is now possible within a small group format. In case you are new to the Animated Step-by-Steps™ blog, the files work beautifully on the iPad using the free Microsoft PowerPoint app available in the Apple App Store. Go to online to read about this product.

You may also wish to view a previous post, Previewing a Center Activity on the Interactive Whiteboard for further information re: the use of Animated Step-by-Steps in an Activity Center/Station format. An Animated Step-by-Step Craft, such as Bottle Snowmen, for example, might be displayed on the iPad Pro providing a text- and symbol- rich format for pacing small groups of two to three students through the steps for constructing their own bottle snowman.

As I mentioned before, I am excited about this new addition to the iPad family.

You might just need to add the iPad Pro to your Holiday wish list!   

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