Monday, February 1, 2016

The Song Button

An Animated Step-by-Step song/poem typically unfolds across several pages. This strategy provides students with numerous opportunities for engagement (the excitement of triggering animations) and numerous opportunities to achieve a deeper understanding of the language they hear (hear it, then see it animated). As illustrated below animations are denoted by stars in the text.

While this strategy of spreading the text across several pages has many benefits, the rhyming cadence can sometimes get ‘lost in the shuffle’. To remedy this dilemma, I typically provide alternate versions of the song or poem that include a visual but no animations. That is, after the class has finished a ‘literacy step-through’ of the song or poem (spread across several pages), they can revisit the poem or song using one of several static versions that appear after the ‘The End’ page. Now students are able to recite or sing the poem/song with a rhyming cadence, unencumbered by the wait for animations.

The Animated Step-by-Step songs don’t typically include music. To heighten interest for the alternate versions of songs, I am now adding a singing track (in a child voice). To activate the singing track, click on the ‘song button’ then sing along as you point to the text or symbols on the page. No longer are you left wondering, “What is the tune to that song?” If you weren’t too sure … the tune is now provided with the Song Button.

Animated Step-by-Steps™ are designed to address a variety of needs (literacy, language, AAC). Songs are a wonderful way to heighten engagement for both regular and special education students. The addition of a ‘song button’ can provide the tune while adding a little extra zip to heighten engagement. 

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