Monday, April 4, 2016

100 Animated Step-by-Steps™ !!!

It’s official …. There are now 100 different Animated Step-by-Step titles available for purchase in the Bloom Where You're Planted Store on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.  These titles can be purchased on the TpT site, individually or in small theme-related bundles ... offering greater savings over an individual purchase. 

Animated Step-by-Steps™ are designed to support literacy, language and AAC in a consistent way across a broad range of classroom activities: Food Preparation, Arts & Crafts, Songs, Poems, Math Projects, Science Projects and Stories. Choose from three different formats: Regular (no symbols), SymbolStix-supported or Picture Communication Symbol-supported. This resource can be flexibly displayed on the ‘big screen’ (interactive whiteboard, large screen TV using apple TV) or the ‘little screen’ (computer monitor or iPad using the free Microsoft PowerPoint app)

Content is appropriate for both regular and special education. Great for providing differentiated instruction in blended classrooms.

Several agencies/schools have opted to buy the entire library of resources with considerable savings. If your school or agency is interested in buying a bundled library of 100 Animated Step-by-Steps™,  please contact

Regular library bundle of 100 titles  ($350)  (over $150 savings)
SymbolStix/PCS library bundle of 100 titles ($450)  (over $150 savings)

The library bundle includes 38 recipes + 34 poems/songs + 8 science experiments + 2 stories + 15 crafts + 3 miscellaneous activities

Apple Crisp
Apple Juice
Apple Pie
April Fools Grilled Cheese
Banana Yogurt Shake
Banana Berry Shake
Bird Nest Cookies
Caramel Apple Bites
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Corn Muffins
Cranberry Sauce
Deviled Eggs
Dirt Pudding
Easy Spaghetti
Egg Salad Sandwiches
English Muffin Pizzas
Food for Your Waxworms
Holiday Wreath Cookies
Hot Chocolate
Ice Cream in a Bag (single serving)
Ice Cream in a Bag (8 servings)
Instant Oatmeal
Macaroni and Cheese
Orange Juice (from frozen concentrate)
Pancakes (from scratch)
Pink Cupcakes
Pistachio Cake
Play Snow
Potato Latkes
Pumpkin Loaf
Pumpkin Pie
Scrambled Eggs for Two
Soda bread
Spaghetti (with meat)
Tuna Salad Sandwiches

5 Brave Firefighters
5 Fat Turkeys
5 Green & Speckled Frogs
5 Little Cones (Grade 2 money version)
5 Little Cones (Preschool version)
5 Little Mealworms
5 Little Pumpkins
5 Little Snowmen
5 Little Tadpoles
5 Little Waxworms
10 Brave Firefighters
Albuquerque Turkey
Apple Tree Poem
Baby What’s Wrong?
Birthday Cake Poem
Chef Salad Song
Chuga Chuga Song
Decorating the Tree Poem
Fruit Salad Song
Get Up and Dance Song
The Green Grass Grew All Around Song
Home on the Bus Song
I’m a Little Latke Song
I’m a Little Mealworm Song
I’m a Little Waxwork Song
Making Cookies with Mom Poem
Mary Wore Her Red Dress Song
Miss Polly’s Dolly Song
Mister Sun Song
My Little Waxwork Song/Poem
On Top of Spaghetti Song
Ordering Pizza Poem
Turkey on the Farm Song
Who Came to School Today Song

Science Projects
Bean Experiment
Dry-Wet Mealworm Experiment
Egg Cola Experiment
Grassy Caterpillars
Light-Dark Mealworm Experiment
Mealworm Life Cycle
Parts of the Mealworm

Helping Mister Potato Head
Let’s Make a Snowman

Baggie Butterflies
Bottle Snowmen
Bubble Art
Butterfly Puppets
Dyed Eggs
Egg Carton Caterpillars
Glitter Jar
Marble Painting
Paper Bag Pumpkins
Paper Bag Turkeys
Pine Cone Turkeys
Play Doh
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spin Art

Miscellaneous Activities
Counting Snacks for Baby
CVC Mystery Balls
I Spy With My Little Eye