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Pairing Your Bluetooth Super-Switch (RJ Cooper) with Your iPad

I typically use RJ Cooper’s Bluetooth Super-Switch to provide remote access when using the Animated Step-by-Steps™ (ASbyS) on the interactive whiteboard, the computer or the iPad. 

You might be thinking why on earth would she be using a remote switch with the iPad, a device that can be accessed directly. The movement required for advancing the ASbyS animations on the iPad is an index finger swipe to the left. The wireless Bluetooth Super-Switch provides a much simpler motor response, i.e., simply press the switch. You can also plug an alternate switch (e.g. head or knee-activated switch) into switch port #1 (to the right of the red power button) allowing the child to use their own personal switch to activate the animations.

Remote access also gives you a bit more control in a small group format, allowing you to offer students turns activating the animations on the iPad.  For more detailed information on using the Microsoft PowerPoint app or establishing remote access, please refer to these earlier posts  and

Here are some guidelines (paraphrased from RJ Cooper’s instructions) for using your Bluetooth Super-Switch

General On/Off Functioning of Bluetooth Super-Switch

To turn it on

 Press and hold the red power button until the light turns green

To turn it off

Press and hold the red power button until the light turns red and blinks 3 times (before shutting off)

Time to recharge

When the light shines continuously red or blinks orange it’s time to recharge the Bluetooth Super Switch. Use the charging cable to connect the switch to your computer. This process is similar using your computer to charge your phone or small camera.

If you lose that charging cord, do not despair.  You can purchase a replacement cable from Staples. The cord you are looking for is called a USB-Mini USB power and charging cable. I was able to purchase a Vivitar accessory for about $6.00.

Pairing your Bluetooth Super-Switch

The Bluetooth Super-Switch must be paired with your computer or iPad. The switch and the iPad must ‘shake hands’ before they can ‘play nice’. This process can be a bit flaky depending upon what other bluetooth devices are in the environment (devices that may not want to relinquish their pairing with bluetooth).

Here are the steps required to pair your Bluetooth Super-Switch with your iPad:

On the iPad:

Go to SettingsGeneralBluetooth … Turn bluetooth On

If the word ‘Connected’ appears next to AirTurn (the Bluetooth Super-Switch’s code name) you are ‘good to go’. You can begin using the switch to trigger the animations in your Animated Step-by-Steps™

If the word ‘Not Connected ” appears next to the name AirTurn, select the ‘circled i’ next to the AirTurn name, then select forget this device to start fresh.

If the word ‘AirTurn’ is simply NOT appearing, it means the Bluetooth Super-Switch hasn’t been ‘discovered’ by Bluetooth.  You must now put the Bluetooth Super-Switch into ‘discovery mode’ by pressing & holding the red power button until it quickly flashes red/green/red/green (about 10 seconds).  

The name, ‘AirTurn’ should now appear … possibly with the words ‘Not Connected’ (do not despair). Tap the red power button and the word, ‘Connected’ should appear next to the name, AirTurn. 

Your Bluetooth Super-Switch is now ready ‘to play’ with your iPad ... and you are ready to have a lot of fun using your Animated Step-by-Steps™.

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