Monday, May 30, 2016

Counting Snacks for Baby

Animated Step-by-Steps™ are designed to simultaneously address literacy, language and AAC (if you’ve purchased a symbol-supported version – SymbolStix/PCS). There are however, a variety of additional academic agendas that can be addressed in a fun way. A great example of this can be found in the resource, Counting Snacks for Baby.

Counting Snacks for Baby is designed to work on functional counting, number equivalency and the concept of how many.  “Here are some snacks for your baby. Pick one!”  Students are provided with five snack choices: raisins, animal crackers, cookies (vanilla wafers), Gerber puffs and veggie sticks.

After choosing  a snack from a field of five, e.g., Gerber puffs, the program navigates to a page that allows the student to indicate how many Gerber puffs they plan to feed their baby.  This is achieved by selecting a number on a number line (1 through 5). 

If the student chose 4, for example, the program navigates to a page where the number four is prominently displayed in red and they can count out four Gerber puffs. Each click causes a Gerber puff to magically appear on the number line.  “One” … “Two” … “Three” … “Four”. When the designated number has been reached,  the unnecessary number(s)’, in this case number five, fades from view.

The student is then encouraged to “Feed” the baby. A further click causes the items to sequentially disappear amid eating sounds. The baby then announces, “All done”

You may have noticed when counting … a pattern was emerging … pink puff, orange puff, pink puff …. orange puff. This particular ASbyS can also be used to address patterning as an optional agenda. Counting, number equivalency and patterning, all packaged in one great resource.

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