Monday, July 4, 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint App for Android-Based Tablets

In previous posts, information was provided for using the free Microsoft PowerPoint app to display Animated Step-by-Steps™ on the iPad.

 If you own an android-based tablet, a ‘sister’ Microsoft PowerPoint app is available for android tablets.  
It can be downloaded from the google play store.

There are many android-based tablets on the market, e.g., Amazon Fire, Fuhu Nabi. The Nabi Big Tablet HD is an android-based tablet that is especially intriguing due to it’s large size … 24 inches!  

The reviews suggest some issues with the power supply. Here’s hoping those problems will be resolved because this certainly would be a nice addition to the classroom!

Similar to the iPad version, the android version can be linked to a storage option such as dropbox or google drive where you will be storing your ASbySs.

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