Monday, September 12, 2016

Why Use Animated Step-by-Steps® ?

With all the posts on creating and implementing Animated Step-by-Steps® (ASbySs)  it’s easy to lose sight of why they are so great for ALL students. ASbySs have a three-fold agenda: literacy, language and AAC.  When you use an ASbyS in a group setting, there is something of value for every child in the group. ASbySs are great for children with Complex Communication Needs, children with Developmental Delays, children learning English as a second language and of course Regular Education students needing a bit more excitement in their lessons.

One of the strengths of ASbySs is the fact that they provide a consistent approach across a variety of classroom routines (Food Preparation, Crafts, Science Project, Poems, Songs Stories).  Read the text up to the star then click to trigger the animation/sound effects that support what was just read. After all the page animations have been triggered, the symbols appear as a group and are available to provide Aided Language Stimulation!

The fact that the animations can be triggered remotely only adds to their appeal. Students can share the role of 'making the magic happen'.  For more information on establishing remote access for your ASbySs please refer to a previous blog post.  

The fact that ASbySs can be displayed on a variety of formats (interactive whiteboard, a computer monitor, a large screen TV, an iPad/Android tablet) makes them a flexible resource for school staff and caregivers.  Whether you’re an Occupational Therapist dipping into the large pool of ASbySs to conduct switch training; a Speech Language Pathologist helping a student become familiar with the symbols needed for an ASbyS classroom lesson; a Vision Specialist providing a student with advance exposure to the lesson materials; or a Parent viewing a personalized version of an ASbyS on the family’s large screen TV,  this resource can provide staff and families with a sense of meaningful collaboration.  

The pool of ASbyS resources has now reached 110 titles!  Each resource is available in three formats: Regular, SymbolStix, PCS.

Individual titles are available from the Bloom Where You’re Planted Store on the Teachers Pay Teachers website .

Larger bundles of 50 and 100 titles are available at considerable savings from the Animated Step-by-Step® website store.

Several agencies have opted to purchase a 100-title bundle in conjunction with an Animated Step-by-Steps® workshop thereby ensuring that their ASbyS are being used to their fullest. For further information on scheduling a workshop, contact Dr. Carol Goossens’ at

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