Monday, November 7, 2016

Duh! A Search Box .... What Took You So Long?

I recently added a search box to the Animated Step-by-Steps® blog! Soooooo sorry it took so long to realize that I could do that. I guess this ‘better late than never’ discovery is timely given I have just hit the '100-mark' for posts!  Truth be known,  I had just finished creating the attached pdf of the 100 posts when I thought I might search the design layout to see if a search box could be added to the site. Definitely a 'duh' moment. 

Now if you are wanting to find further information on ‘remote switch’ or anything to do with ‘Dropbox’ or you want to review what you previously read about the ‘Fishing Game’,  just type in a few key words and it will ‘whistle up’ the blog post. As you know from surfing the web, fewer words are better for a successful search.

The search box can be accessed just above the list of blog posts.

Happy surfing the blog! Here's hard copy of the posts, working backwards from the most recent. Just select and drag the image below to your desktop.

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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