Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Games, Games, Games!

Games are a fun way to promote peer-peer interaction. There are currently four Animated Step-by-Steps® (sold individually or bundled) that fall into the category of interactive games. Most game titles strive to teach the basics of the game and provide preliminary practice. All titles are available in three formats: Regular (no symbol support), SymbolStix (n2y) and PCS (Tobii/Dynavox).

Rock Paper Scissors
This game introduces the three hand signs for the game and provides students with a series of increasingly more challenging practice sessions to teach the rules   …. rock beats (crushes) scissors … scissors beats (cuts) paper …. paper beats (covers) rock.

Beat the Clock
This digital variation of Hangman Game is a lot of fun. Students take turns guessing letters in a ‘mystery word’. The interactive whiteboard pen tools are used to add or mark off guessed letters. If the clock wins 12 rounds (12 incorrect guesses have been accumulated) …. Boom … the clock wins! More detailed information is provided in a previous post.

CVC Mystery Balls
This title is a digital version of a commercially available resource that is unfortunately no longer available. You are, however, able to reconstruct a physical facimile of the game, if you desire a ‘hands-on’ version. Students choose a colored ball …. the ball rolls out …. a mystery sound is heard …. the ball is opened to reveal the mystery object …. Students are encouraged to spell out the CVC word for the mystery object.  This resource addresses color words and CVC words. For further information on this digital game, visit this previous post.

I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye something that is (red).  This digital version of the game displays clothing items of various colors and urges students to find a particular color. The end of the telescope provides a hint making the task essentially a matching task. If you wish to make the task more difficult for your students you can move the colored circle off page. This resource works on color concepts and clothing. For further information on the I Spy Game, please visit this previous blog post. 

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