Monday, January 23, 2017

Converting Files from PowerPoint Show

Animated Step-by-Steps® are routinely saved as PowerPoint Show versions. This ensures that the file will open up in presentation mode, ready to go.  When an ASbyS is saved in PowerPoint Show mode, it cannot be edited.

There are, however, instances in which you may wish to convert your files to .ppt files to allow you to edit them. For example, you may wish to

1.     have the symbols appear when a new page opens rather than after all the page animations are complete. This allows you to ‘read’ the page using the symbols.  This may be your preference if students in your class are cognitively young and can benefit receptively from an upfront emphasis on symbols.
2.     substitute photo faces of your students for the illustrated faces that appear in the original download. In order to use the change picture feature you will need to have a .ppt or  .pptx file.
3.     add voice output to key symbols creating an additional avenue for audience participation for a student that is cognitively young.

To covert a powerpoint show (.pps) to a editable powerpoint file (.ppt) the ‘file extension’ must be visible. When the file extension (appearing as 3 or 4 letters after the dot in a file name) is visible the coversion process is as simple as changing the letters of the file extension. So for the file Making Colorful Crayons.pps, the .pps file extension would be selected/highlighted and changed into the replacement extension .ppt. 

If you don’t see the file extensions on your files, you will need to tell your operating system to show the file name extensions:

On Mac OS:
Finder Menu … Preferences … Advanced Tab … check box Show all file name extensions

On Windows 7 OS:
Start Button … Control Panel … Appearance and Personalization … Folder Options … View Tab … Uncheck the box Hide extensions for known file types … OK


Marcovitz, D. (2012). Powerful powerpoint for educators. Using visual basic for applications to make powerPoint interactive. 2nd ed.

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