Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Sensory Bundle!

Occupational Therapy caseloads frequently include students with both fine motor and sensory goals. The Sensory Bundle (available in three formats: Regular, SymbolStix and PCS) is the perfect vehicle to address both. The bundle may be purchased from the Bloom Where You’re Planted Store on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

The Sensory Bundle includes recipes for making:
  • No-Cook Play Dough
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Flubber
  • Slime

All four recipes address a variety of fine motor/daily living skills (pouring, using the non-dominant hand to stabilize, crossing midline, holding a spoon, performing a stirring motion, bilateral manipulation of the hands when kneading and stretching the ‘dough’, and the manipulation of these materials when playing). In addition all four products provide a varied and interesting sensory experience. Although not all children will be able to tolerate the full range of sensory experiences, these materials should be a welcome addition to the OT’s therapeutic ‘bag of tricks’.

Working collaboratively with the classroom teacher or speech-language pathologist, these ASbyS recipes can be conducted as a literacy/language/AAC  group activity using the classroom’s interactive whiteboard or can be conducted in small groups rotating through a station outfitted with a computer monitor or iPad/tablet to display the ASbyS instructions. If an adult takes pictures throughout the process, a collaborative or individual writing activity can be added to ‘round out’ the therapeutic and academic experience. See previous post on using Pictello.

I also love the idea of asking older students who are struggling with reading to use the ASbyS to guide them through the task of making these materials for children in the Kindergarten or Preschool programs. Yes, there are a multitude of creative ways to use your Sensory Animated Step-by-Steps! 

Please share YOUR creative ideas.

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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