Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Blending Literacy Activities!

Continuing our fun Literacy agenda, the Animated Step-by-Step resource entitled, Guess the Mystery Letter is designed to reinforce sound blending.

This resource presents 18 CVC words, each with a mystery letter (choose from field of 3 letters) in either the
initial (cat, rat, hat, jar, bar, car, ham, tam, jam),
medial (hat, hot, hut, cot), or

final (cap, can, cat, cub, cut, cup) letter position of a CVC word. 

As each letter is designed to produce its corresponding sound, students are able to touch or click letters to concretely experiment with blending sounds together to make the word pictured on the slide, e.g., “ hat” 

…“h” “a” “t”
…“h” “o” “t”
… “h” “u” “t”

After activating sounds and making a decision as to which mystery letter/sound is correct,
a series of animations can be triggered to build the correct word/sound sequence
   1.     the correct letter changes to red and moves into position  (the non target letters disappear),
   2.     the target picture is pulsed and announced e.g., “hat”,
   3.     each letter in the CVC word is sequentially pulsed and announced, e.g., “h” - “a”    “t”

     Happy blending! 

…’til the next post …  (new posts every Monday)

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