Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Meish Goldish Science Poems & Songs

I know I’ve  mentioned it before but    I LOVE the science poems/songs of Meish Goldish.

His work really helps to put science concepts into a more engaging format for both regular and special education students.  I was recently granted permission from Mr. Goldish to render three of his poems, Dinosaurs, Rocks and Digestion into an Animated Step-by-Step format. They are now posted on the Teachers Pay Teachers site in three formats: Regular (no symbol support), SymbolStix (n2y) and Picture Communication Symbols (Tobii/Dynavox).

The Dinosaurs resource has an upfront that introduces 6 dinosaurs and makes the distinction between plant and meat eating dinosaurs. It also introduces the term extinction.

The Digestion Poem unravels the mystery of where your food goes after leaving the mouth … esophagus … stomach and finally to the intestines.

The science resource Rocks has an upfront that discusses 7 types of rocks (granite, marble, slate, coal, quartz, feldspar and limestone) and provides information on how those rocks are manufactured into common useful products. This ‘rock introduction’ is followed by a delightfully silly poem by Mr. Goldish presented in the format of a ‘Knock, Knock’ joke.

Rock, rock.
Who’s there?
Slate Who
It’s slate. Time to go to bedrock!

You can ‘check out’ these resources and more on the Teachers Pay Teachers site. Just type their names into the Search field of the Bloom Where You are Planted TpT Store (use link in upper right)

Meish Goldish (1996)
101 Science Poems & Songs for Young Learners
New York: Scholastic. Used with permission of author.

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