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Differentiated Instruction ... Made Easy!

My Little Wagon is a resource that addresses color and size concepts. Students are invited to ‘Put a (big/little)(color) _______ in your (color) wagon'. It is essentially a color matching task for young

The first click brings in a colored wagon followed by a field of 5 choices, e.g., little yellow truck (target), little red truck (foil), big yellow truck (foil), little green bear (foil), big green bear (foil)

When the child selects the incorrect item they hear a ‘gentler equivalent of no’ (i.e., huhugh)

When the child selects the correct item, the item is magically clunked into the wagon.

And off we go!  The second click pulls the rattling wagon + its new contents off the page.

What if a field of 5 choices is too much for your student(s)?
Maybe you want to concentrate more specifically on color or size, but not both.

You can narrow the field of choice by deleting the non-target foils. After deleting the foils you can re-position the remaining foils to balance the items on the grey disk. DO NOT delete or move the target item on that page. It has a specific relationship to the matching wagon that should NOT be altered.  Be sure to make a copy of the resource when you make a different version (gives you greater flexibility for additional modifications)

Here are some examples of differentiated instruction … the result of ‘pruning’ the field of choice. Note the field has changed but the location of the correct target item, i.e., little yellow truck (circled) has remained unaltered on the gray disk.

Working on Size & Color Concepts        Working on Size Concepts                            Working on Color Concepts

What if you want it to be a color identification task ... not a matching task?

The presence of the colored wagon obviously makes the original resource a color matching task.  If you wish to make this a color identification task, place a white rectangular shape over the color text for the wagon; then make the wagon and its foreground a neutral color such as gray. This will need to be repeated on each page.

Here’s the sequence for accomplishing this task within PowerPoint …. Select the two wagon shapes holding down the shift key (base with rope + foreground)  …. Picture Format …. Color …. Select the more neutral grey choice.

You might also want to create an 'errorless' version designed to teach the response of selecting.

So one resource can be modified to address a variety of differentiated needs. The hard work has been done for you with the original Animated Step-by-Steps®! With a little bit of effort you can create several additional differentiated files that may better address the needs of specific students!

This resource is available in three formats (Regular, PCS, SymbolStix) on Teachers Pay Teachers. . 

Hope you have fun using it with your students on the computer, interactive whiteboard or iPad.  : ) 

…’til the next post … 

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