Monday, March 5, 2018

Oh Those Rambunctious Monkeys!

6 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is now available through Teachers Pay Teachers. 
This title is available in several interactive formats:

  • an Animated Step-by-Step Digital Resource  (Regular, PCS, SymbolStix)

  • a PCS Vest Display worn by the Facilitator on a velcro-receptive vest or apron    

The monkeys are velcroed to a clear plastic rectangle that pivots on a brass fastener to simulate jumping. When a monkey falls out of bed, the monkey is flipped to reveal its sad face. Students can share the task of adding the time dependent repetitive line, “Ow!” (programmed into a single message device such as the BIGmac from AbleNet).

The numbers are detachable allowing you to work on number recognition. “ How many monkeys are left?  (child chooses from a field of two numbers presented on a velcro-receptive surface such as indoor-outdoor carpet).  

With time, the Facilitator can assign each monkey to a student when it is removed from the display. This creates a functional, differentiated task that can be conducted at the end of the activity. “Monkey Number 3, where are you?  “ Who has the monkey dressed in pink?  “ Who has monkey ‘5-1’?   “Who has monkey ‘3 + 1’?

After conducting the chant in the traditional way for several  sittings, surprise your students by introducing a variation of the chant (6 Little Kiddies Jumping on the Bed) that includes their photo faces. A back-to-back HIS/HER symbol is now added (velcroes over the ITS) allowing you to work on possessive pronouns!

Have fun with those rambunctious monkeys!

…’til the next post … 

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