Monday, March 12, 2018

Traffic Light Snacks

Classroom needs have always paced the creation of Animated Step-by-Steps®. In fact an estimated 95% of the titles offered have been created in response to ‘real world’ classroom needs.

I recently observed a teacher conducting a simple food assembly activity with her preschool class. Her activity centered around an unlikely topic … a traffic light! What was impressive about this simple activity was the fact that it held so much potential for working on a wide range of language and academic concepts.  In addition to providing a motivating forum for imparting information on traffic safety (red means stop, yellow means wait, green means go), it could be used to comment on shapes (circle, rectangle), numbers (1-2-3), colors (red, yellow, green), spatial concepts (top, middle, bottom) and core words (stop, go)!

After providing some basic information on traffic lights and traffic safety, students are encouraged to make a traffic light snack. First they spread pudding on their graham cracker … then put a strawberry at the top for the red light … a yellow banana slice in the middle for the yellow light … and finally a green kiwi at the bottom for the green light. The fruit can be pre-sliced (to expedite the activity) or slicing can be added to the activity to add a motor component. 

As depicted in the page on the right,  the selection of the correct fruit, causes the fruit to move to the correct position on the ‘edible traffic light’. If the incorrect fruit is selected, the program produces a mild negative comment, ‘huhugh’.

Traffic Light Snacks is available in three formats (Regular, PCS symbols, SymbolStix) through Teachers Pay Teachers.

This resource can be displayed on the 'big screen' (interactive whiteboard, large screen TV using Apple TV) or the 'small screen'  (computer monitor, iPad/Android tablet using the free Microsoft PowerPoint app).

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