Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rice Krispie Treats Have Arrived!!!!

Rice Krispie Treats are definitely a childhood favorite. In the process of making this Animated Step-by-Step version, I just HAD to make a batch … and of course I couldn't stop until I HAD eaten the whole pan … by myself … by 10 am the next morning. 

There is something about Rice Krispie Treats that makes them irresistable.  This is probably the only Animated Step-by-Step that could possibly knock, Helping Mister Potato Head off the Animated Step-by-Steps® best seller list. 

This simple recipe has three ingredients … butter … marshmallows … and rice krispie cereal. Most schools have access to a microwave (somewhere within the building), so its relatively easy to melt the butter and marshmallows … fold in the rice krispies …. pack that heavenly concoction into a greased pan … pop the pan into the refrigerator to chill and presto you have a delicious treat.  

You can even use a larger pan to make thinner rice krispie treats, then use cookie cutters to make rice krispie treats in various shapes. 

The Rice Krispie Treats Animated Step-by-Steps® are available in three formats: Regular, Picture Communication Symbols, and SymbolStix from Teachers Pay Teachers 

…’til the next post … 

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