Monday, September 10, 2018

The 'Outlining Animation'

Highlighting/Outlining is a strategy frequently used when working with children with Visual Impairment. This strategy highlights or outlines the target graphic to ensure that the child is focusing on the item under discussion. In Five Little Pumpkins, for example, an attention getting red line is gradually drawn around that target pumpkin ("The second one….") when it is the 'second pumpkin's' turn to speak. This allows the child to better differentiate the target pumpkin from the other pumpkins in the five-pumpkin array.

This is what the animation looks across a 5-second span. 
So how exactly do you make that magic happen?

This effect is easily achieved by stacking a pumpkin graphic (no outline) on top of pumpkin graphic (identical in size) but stroked/outlined in red. 

This outline can be created in a graphics program such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. When the outlined pumpkin is animated using the 'wheel' animation, it gives the effect of a red line being drawn (clockwise) around the pumpkin image. Magic, indeed!  

Pulling apart the two stacked images, this is what's happening 'behind the scenes' across a 5-second span:

So if you are using PowerPoint to create educational resources for students with visual impairment,  be sure to add this 'outlining animation' to your 'bag of tricks'. 

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