Monday, February 11, 2019

Limiting the Core

iPad compatible, Core + Fringe Voice-Output PowerPoint Displays are a great vehicle for giving  preschool classroom staff practice in conducting Aided Language Stimulation.  There are currently several Voice-Output PowerPoint displays designed to support language training (available through Teachers Pay Teachers TpT). Both SymbolStix and PCS versions are available. 

Initially, you may wish to make training easier for staff by offering fewer core symbols.
You will NOT be eliminating these cells; instead, you will be altering the transparency of these cells causing them to appear as blank, black cells. 

Here are the steps for altering cell transparency:

  • Select the cell/picture that you wish to 'make disappear'. 
  • Under Format on the menu bar … select Format Object  select the Picture tab… select Picture Transparency  …. move the transparency marker to 100% and presto the symbol magically disappears … the cell turns black. Repeat this procedure for all cells you wish to 'make disappear' temporarily.

  • The audio is still attached to the cell. To 'silence' the cell  … right click on the blackened cell … select Action Settings… Uncheck the Play Sound box. Now if you or the student accidentally activates a 'black cell', no sound will be produced.  

Eventually you will need to gradually re-introduce the full array of core symbols. This can be accomplished by adjusting the transparency slider back to 0% and re-checking the play sound box. The cell is still linked to the correct audio!

Note: You can also easily achieve differentiated instruction by making hard copies of either full and reduced core displays.  Print them out. Laminate them. Assign displays to the group members according to need.

Aside: A more generic version of  a digital Core-48 display (PCS, SymbolStix) is also available through TpT. This more basic version lends itself to quickly adding symbols harvested from Animated Step-by-Steps allowing you to provide symbol support for lessons involving Animated Step-by-Steps. A previous blog post (Using Core-48 Displays with ASbyS) provides detailed information for 'harvesting' symbols. 

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